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PDO Threadlift Training

Course Description:
Thread Lift procedures are becoming very popular and has made significant advancement in Aesthetic Medicine. These procedures can effectively replace surgical procedures involving facial rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures. This 1-day training course will provide attendees with a hands-on learning experience. Trainees will gain insight on specific protocols associated with proper placement of suspension sutures into facial tissues, including anatomy, mechanisms of action, managing complications, pre-procedure and post-procedure care, standards of care and anesthesia considerations. Students will lean the techniques associated with both types of PDO sutures (barbed and smooth). The instructor will also discuss the selection of sutures with varying sizes and dimensions, providing the clinicians with the necessary knowledge and to skillfully provide new, high-demand procedures.

Training will be held at a neutral site for either one-on-one or group training.

Maximum class size: 5

Prerequisites: Must have a license to practice and have at least 1-year experience with injectables.

– Training Manual
– Certification
– PDO Sutures (Sufficient product is provided for each attendee. Additional product available for purchase)

Learning Objectives:

Each attendee after successful completion of the 1-day PDO Thread lift Training Course will:

  • Be able to practice and perform PDO Thread Lift procedures in a safe, effective and competent manner. These procedures will be personalized and tailored to the individual patient’s needs and desired outcomes.
  • Learn how to avoid risks, complications, and know how to handle any adverse events should they occur.
  • Know the accepted protocols and latest literature concerning the selection, placement and volume of PDO sutures for optimal patient results.
  • Be able to assess candidates for PDO Thread Lift procedures.
  • Be comfortable using smooth, barbed bi-directional PDO sutures in the face, body.

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