Everyone has a beautiful feature. My job is to enhance it!

– Joyti Kaur, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Holistic Vitamin Infusions

Roll up your sleeves to receive high-dose vitamin infusions tailored to your specific concerns!

We will place an IV into your vein, which will be used to infuse a combination of high dose vitamins and
salt solution (normal saline). It will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to infuse and is relatively

You will notice an immediate and dramatic effect after the infusion.

We have many options to choose from:
– Hangover treatment
– Immunity booster
– Jetlag cure
– Chronic fatigue treatment (Myers’ Cocktail)
– Migraine Headache treatment
– Post vigorous workout recovery
– PMS treatment

Why have your vitamin infusions at Eon Medical Spa?

At Eon Medical Spa, we are results driven and care about the total client experience. We want
your holistic vitamin infusions to be safe and comfortable.

Minimal Pain

We go to great lengths to ensure a comfortable patient experience, however, for vitamin
infusions; the pain is little to none.

Quick Recovery

You can resume normal duties after your treatment. Holistic vitamin infusions may put a little
pep in your step!

Natural yet noticeable results

Our goal is to provide safe treatments, tailored to your unique needs!


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